アイフォン修理いつもありがとうございます。細やかな手さばきと安心の技術でいつもなおしてくれます。 時間、コスパ、スキルと三拍子揃ったおみせです。アイフォン調子悪くなったら是非。 (Translated by Google) Thank you for repairing your iPhone. It will always be repaired with delicate hand handling and reliable technology. It is a show that has time, cost performance, and skill. If you feel sick with your iPhone, please come.

とても親切に対応してくれて、ショップに行くより全然楽でした!!友達にも教えたいと思います!ありがとうございます♪ (Translated by Google) They were very kind and it was much easier than going to the shop! !! I would like to tell my friends! Thank you ♪